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New Artist Liontide   More #AwesomeIndie #NewMusic for North Star Media! Check out our latest addition to the #NSMfam, Liontide - an American synth-rock music trio based in New York City! They've got a brand new NSM artist page, right here. [more]
Rod Stewart To Perform "Rhythm Of My Heart" At 2014 Commonwealth Games Rod Stewart will be singing a new version of "Rhythm Of My Heart," co-published by North Star Media, during the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games this Wednesday, July 23rd! UPDATE: To see a YouTube video of the live performance , click here! [more]
New Artist The HandGrenades More great music from North Star Media? #PshtObv! Our latest addition,The HandGrenades provide Beatles-esque melodies and three-part vocal harmonies, served with some garage rock edge and a bit of #Motown flavor thrown in for good measure. Check out their brand new artist page, right ... [more]

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Epoch Failure Epoch Failure is an urban pop duo resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young. With this charismatic pair, what you see is what you get. And that’s simply a couple regular guys from The Garden State. No egos. No attitudes. Just a lot of ... [more]
NSM Music News - July 22 Explore exciting new music for one-stop master + sync licensing from North Star Media! We will gladly pre-clear any or all of the music featured here – for your current projects, or future use – just ask! Music supervisors may call and request a physical copy of this sampler: +1 ... [more]
BIONIK / "Leanin' On Slick" in Tanqueray Commercial Aceyalone's "Leanin' On Slick," a song from the North Star Media catalog, produced by Bionik, is featured in the new Unsung Hero Tanqueray commercial. The commercial features a veteran bartender as the "unsung hero" while he mixes drinks and closes down the popular pub he works at. Aceyalone, a ... [more]
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