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New Artist Delaney Gibson   More amazing #NewMusic from North Star Media! We're so happy to welcome the unique style of confessional, theatrical-pop music of Delaney Gibson to the NSM repertoire! Hear for yourself why we're such fans on her brand new artist page, ... [more]
"War Machine" By Kids And Chemicals In Upcoming Episode Of NBC's Growing Up Fisher "War Machine" by North Star Media and Monroe Music Management artist Kids and Chemicals will be featured on an upcoming episode of NBC's Growing Up Fisher, airing on Tuesdays @ 9:30/8:30c! [more]
"La Jungla" By Paco In Upcoming Episode Of New ABC Series, Black Box The second episode of the brand new series Black Box airs May 1st @ 10/9c on ABC Television Network! Tune in to hear "La Jungla" by North Star Media artist Paco! [more]

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Epoch Failure Epoch Failure is an urban pop duo resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young. With this charismatic pair, what you see is what you get. And that’s simply a couple regular guys from The Garden State. No egos. No attitudes. Just a lot of ... [more]
North Star Media Spring Showcase North Star Media presents the Music Licensing Showcase - a selection of North Star Media favorites chosen by our team for your enjoyment. All of these songs and more are available for license by North Star Media. Enjoy! [more]
BIONIK / "Leanin' On Slick" in Tanqueray Commercial Aceyalone's "Leanin' On Slick," a song from the North Star Media catalog, produced by Bionik, is featured in the new Unsung Hero Tanqueray commercial. The commercial features a veteran bartender as the "unsung hero" while he mixes drinks and closes down the popular pub he works at. Aceyalone, a ... [more]
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