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New Artist Ivan & the ParazolGarage Rock band Ivan & The Parazol is now available for licensing! Formed in Hungary in 2010, this refreshingly original rock and roll/beat/garage rock band incorporates influences from the 1960s and 1970s. Ivan & The Parazol have played hundreds of gigs and have received much radio support, ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Colin ElmoreAmericana/Folk artist Colin Elmore is now available for licensing! ​Colin earned a fan base in the thriving music scene of Springfield, MO. First performing with Berch, at the time named the #1 Alternative Rock band in Springfield, the band gained notoriety for their honest sound and theatrical ... [ Read more ]

7/29/2013 New Artist VIBE

New Artist VIBEAlternative Hip Hop group VIBE is now available for licensing! Eschewing the “collegiate rap” label, VIBE are poised to turn their demographic on their head by infusing rapper Chris Young’s lyricism with multi-instrumentalist Rossy’s ability to craft radio-ready hooks. The pairing of both ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Jetty RaeAcoustic /Folk artist Jetty Rae is now available for licensing! Jetty Rae is a singer and songwriter originally from Northern Michigan and has been singing, touring, and recording since 2004. She released her first full-length album Blackberries in 2007, November 2009 saw the release of her first ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Galia AradPop/Folk artist Galia Arad is now available for licensing! Galia Arad is a New York City based singer/songwriter whose classical musician parents and classical voice training steered her directly into the arms of rock n’ roll. She is from Bloomington, Indiana, where her heart truly is, but hopes ... [ Read more ]

New Artist HobosexualMusic from Grunge Rock band Hobosexual is now available for licensing! Hobosexual is a pure rock n roll band in a commercial world of artificial cool. They were born. They knew what they had to do. They're living it. Hobosexual is punk attitude wrapped in giant analog walls of 70s influenced ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Pigeon HoleMusic from Hip Hop/Electronic group Pigeon Hole is now available for licensing! Pigeon Hole are two Vancouver Island based producers/MCs with a constant evolving sound and ability to crank out next level music. Their output as members of Sweatshop Union is evidence of leaps in style, delivery and ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Sweatshop UnionMusic from Hip Hop group Sweatshop Union is now available for licensing! Sweatshop Union are Pacific Northwest hip hop heavyweights and have earned a reputation as the hardest working collective in the region. Having performed over five hundred shows internationally, they continue to change the ... [ Read more ]

Groovebox Studios Partners with NSMNorth Star Media is proud to announce our partnership with Groovebox Studios. Groovebox Studios is a video and music production company that specializes in assisting independent musicians fund their Kickstarter campaigns. Located in Detroit, partners Jeff Wenzel and Shawn Neal, along with their ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Lewis HensleyMusic from Pop and R&B singer/songwriter Lewis Hensley is now available for licensing! Raised in the heart of Motown, Lewis lists R&B great Marvin Gaye as one of the influences of his fusion of Pop and R&B rythms. His energetic and soulful performances have produced a “win the crowd” style of ... [ Read more ]

Music from Indie Rock/Punk band Destroy This Place is now available for licensing! Equal parts your 7” collection from the 90s, mixed with elements of early thrash, 70s power-pop, effects-pedal hopping UK shoegaze, and SST-affiliated punk, Detroit’s Destroy This Place make loud, catchy, sharp ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Ryan Allen & His Extra ArmsMusic from Power Pop/Indie Rock artist Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms is now available for licensing! Ryan Allen was started on November 11th, 1979 in Livonia, MI. Playing guitar in nerdy high school projects and prog-emo outfits led to time spent drumming in ahead-of-their-time jazz-punk combo Red ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Hello CallerMusic from Indie Folk band Hello Caller is now available for licensing! The band’s singular sound has earned them a loyal following in their hometown since they formed in 2010, resulting in SXSW gigs and packed shows with folky contemporaries like Shakey Graves, who contributes guest vocals on ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Ashley JanaMusic from Pop artist Ashley Jana is now available for licensing! Ashley Jana is a singer/songwriter/producer based in New York City. Writing in genres ranging from dance pop to ballads, Ashley made her mark in the music industry with her song placements on Lifetime’s hit reality show Dance ... [ Read more ]

New Artist The BlueflowersMusic from Folk-Noir band, The Blueflowers, are now available for licensing! The husband and wife song writing duo, of guitarist Tony Hamera and vocalist Kate Hinote, began their creative experiment in 2004. However, it would not be until 2008 that the couple would find their creative centers as ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Mike Leslie BandMusic from Pop Rock band, and our DMA contest winner, Mike Leslie Band, is now available for licensing! Mike Leslie Band offers an eclectic twist on pop music while delivering hook after hook of spine chilling melodies and hauntingly relatable lyrics. Picture a small corner in heaven that includes ... [ Read more ]

New Artist The End of AmericaMusic from Rock/Folk band, The End of America, is now available for licensing! The End of America is not some grand political statement, it is a band of brothers making music where the earth runs out. The New York City based folk trio draws inspiration, for both their band and their name, from ... [ Read more ]

New Artist My ExcuseMusic from Alternative Rock band, My Excuse, is now available for licensing! My Excuse is an modern, alternative rock band from Europe that was formed by their front man, Steven Triant. In 2010, they released the single “Is it Over Now,” produced by Grammy award winner Ron Saint Germain who ... [ Read more ]

New Artist MeasureMusic from Indie Pop band, Measure, is now available for licensing! Measure is an introspective indie electro-pop band based in Brooklyn, NY. This project is based around the writing of Laura DiStasi (vocals, keys) with Woody Quinn on guitar, Tommy Harron on bass, and Casey Tuck on drums and ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Niels Bye NielsenEmmy-Nominated Composer, Niels Bye Nielsen, is now available for licensing! Emmy-nominated composer Niels Bye Nielsen is a native of Skagen, Denmark who relocated to Los Angeles in 1994 to further pursue a career as a composer and guitarist. A short time after arriving in the U.S., Niels was hired ... [ Read more ]

New Artist The Die NastiesMusic from Alternative Rock band, The Die Nasties, is now available for licensing! Take two parts rock and roll attitude, one part punk swagger, add a splash of fist pumping anthems, then shake vigorously over a healthy dose of sexy, and you will have an electrifying concoction named: The Die ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Alton MillerMusic from Electronic DJ and producer, Alton Miller, is now available for licensing! In the world of House Music, there are few who have stood the test of time. Alton Miller is one of those true House music innovators still contributing to the genre. Alton has recorded and released music for some ... [ Read more ]

Here it is, the brand new, visually mesmerizing video from Hermetic Delight for their song "Heartbeat I & II." Website - Facebook - Twitter [ Read more ]

New Artist EsquilleMusic from Electronic Producer, DJ, and Songwriter, Esquille, is now available for licensing! Esquille is a producer and songwriter who has been active for many years. Some of the groups he has produced include: Dreamland, Jam Planet, Pearl, Belltree, Magic Key, Soda, and A Trip in Trance. He is ... [ Read more ]

New Artist Jenny MayhemMusic from Indie/Folk artist, Jenny Mayhem, is now available for licensing! Jenny Mayhem is a Toronto based singer-songwriter. Born and raised on the West Coast of Barbados, she traveled to Canada at the age of seventeen. After fronting the progressive rock act ADA for several years, Jenny changed ... [ Read more ]

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