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New Artist Party Nails

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5/11/2017 New Artist Party Nails

Please join us in welcoming our newest addition to the North Star Media roster, Party Nails!

Party Nails is the musical project of New York native, Elana Belle Carroll. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she makes positive and empowering electropop songs. Her debut Come Again EP was released earlier this year by Killphonic.

The Party Nails moniker was born in Brooklyn, shortly after she had graduated from college. One night, while not-so-secretly scoping out a band name, she observed a group of girls pampering themselves before a party and they just so happened to be painting their nails together. "I liked the idea of girls doing their nails just to have a little more fun, just the tiniest detail in getting ready to go out," says Carroll.

Although her songs are pop-fueled, disco-driven fun, the lyrics come from a deeply intimate place that, when listened to carefully, can reveal themselves to be quite dark at times. For instance, she says her song "Break" is about, "That moment in a relationship when you know that it's going to fall apart, but you're so sorry." Listening to the track with this knowledge makes the charismatic vocals and biting hooks all the more affecting.

In describing her approach and style, Carroll reveals her love for modern production inspired by 80's styles. "The one thing I wanted to capture is the new wave side of the '80s. New Wave is fun to me. It's literally dance music and punk music mixed together. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to sound like that."

To learn more, visit their new artist page: https://www.northstarmedia.com/artist/MTg3NTM2LWZiZjhjNQ/

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