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New Artist Kids and Chemicals

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9/23/2013 New Artist Kids and Chemicals

With an electronic style atypical of southwest Missouri, the brother-sister duo of Elizabeth and Patrick Carney along with their friend and drummer, Blake Mixon, form Kids and Chemicals.

Drawing from a kaleidoscope of musical styles, Kids and Chemicals’ beat-driven tracks reference hip-hop, soul, IDM and jazz, but the result is unexpected. Patrick Carney’s production is dark and turbulent, and singer Elizabeth Carney possesses the voice to match. Whether howling through a flurry of hyper-edited pops and buzzes or harmonizing alongside vibrant synth melodies, her vocals are haunting and, at times, savage. The pair executes a distinctly memorable, high-energy stage presence that often features improvised editing and live visual effects. With the addition of drummer Blake Mixon, the music has taken on a new level of energy, making the live show second-to-none.

Kids and Chemicals formed in early 2010 and released their first self-titled record in 2011. The group’s newest EP is titled Pale Horse.

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