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Rive Video Promotion

Rive Video Promotion


15 Bank St.
Red Bank, N.J. 07701

+1 732.530.1501


Rive Video Promotion and Production is a one-stop source for Music Video Promotion and Production. If you are a Record Label, Artist or Band that has made a Music Video, and the video needs promotion and airplay on shows like MTV, BET, and FUSE TV, or exposure on Internet such as You Tube, Myspace, and Google Video, Rive Video Promotion is your solution. Rive Video Promotion can get your music video aired on as many as 300-plus National and Regional video programs, Internet Webs, Video Pools, and Video-On-Demand digital cable programs. Once on the air, Rive Video Promotion provide you with weekly tracking reports updating you with the airplay your video is receiving, including demographics and air dates. Rive Video is also a full production company, able to do all of your needed Video Duplication, Closed Captioning, and Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) Delivery necessary to service the station programmers.

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