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New Artist Brother Elsey Please join us in welcoming Brother Elsey to the North Star Media roster! Inspired by folk, rock and Americana, the Detroit-based trio was formed in 2017 by brothers Jack, Brady and Beau Stablein. The group takes pride in creating together, while leaning heavily on their shared love of ... [more]
"Forge! Sail! Rock!" by Hobosexual To Be Featured In Upcoming Gorilla Watches Promo "Forge! Sail! Rock!" by North Star Media artist Hobosexual will be featured in an upcoming web promo for Gorilla Watches! [more]
New Artist Bee Bee Sea Another new addition to the North Star Media family! Based in Northern Italy, Bee Bee Sea is a revved-up punk trio that’s been cranking out spirited garage-psych for 5+ years now. The group consists of Damiano Negrisoli (guitar, vocals), Giacomo Parisio (bass, vocals), and Andrea Onofrio (drums, ... [more]
"Golden" By LTM To Be Featured In Next Episode Of MTV's Ex On The Beach "Golden" by North Star Media artist LTM will be featured in this week's episode of MTV Ex On The Beach airing Thursday @ 9/8c on MTV! [more]

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Epoch Failure Epoch Failure is a New Jersey urban duo, resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young. Their new single, “They Ain’t Talkin’ Now”, was recorded in Nashville with Tommee Profitt–– the producer and composer for Capitol rapper NF, whose latest ... [more]
Hippity Happity Hoppity Playlist In the spirit of celebrating the fun & lighter sides of urban music, here are five feelgood hip hop jamz that are sure to get your body moving and put a grin above your chin. All tracks are one-stop or easy-clear for your current and upcoming sync needs. All media is provided for licensing ... [more]
They Ain't Talkin' Now - Single The guys already have 30+ film/tv/ad credits on their sync resume, including placements with ESPN, American Airlines, WWE, NASCAR, FOX, NFL Network, UFC and a trailer for the recent Lionsgate film, WONDER. This new single is an urban-orchestral hybrid, brimming with confidence and conviction. It ... [more]
Brittany Pfantz / "Push Pull (The Greatest)" Featured In Trailer for Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here "Push Pull (The Greatest)" by North Star Media artist Brittany Pfantz is featured throughout the season 2 trailer for Showtime Networks original series I'm Dying Up Here, which premieres Sunday, May 6 at 10pm ET/PT! [more]
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